Modular kitchens

Design the kitchen of your dreams with modular JOKODOMUS solutions.

A form for every need

A modular JOKODOMUS kitchen is an extremely flexible solution, allowing you to change your kitchen to fit your daily needs. Today it’s out in the garden, tomorrow on the patio… Modular JOKODOMUS kitchens accompany you wherever you need them and can be broken down and set back up again according to your needs.

Products in evidence

Explore JOKODOMUS products

Explore JOKODOMUS products in evidence


Why choose JOKODOMUS?

Modular design

Easy to put together: choose the functions you want and create the kitchen of your dreams.

Easy to clean

The stainless steel structures, as well as the cooking plates, can be perfectly sanitized.

Infinite possibilities

More than just Barbeque: a JOKODOMUS kitchen brings all your cooking techniques outside, celebrating every flavor.

Easy to move

Designed to be where you are, transforming the outdoors into a place to relax and enjoy life.

Start designing your dream kitchen.

JOKODOMUS offers professionals and aficionados alike a complete gallery of BIM, 2D and 3D objects they can use to start designing their own outdoor kitchens, selecting from among the modular options included in the JOKODOMUS catalogue. From materials to colors and final touches, from appliances to different measurements and more, everything in a JOKODOMUS kitchen can be custom designed and put together according to your personal taste.

Awards and certifications

JOKODOMUS’s ongoing commitment to product quality and innovation is reflected in the prizes and certifications the company has earned over the years.

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