Professional chopping blocks and cutting boards

The PROFESSIONAL collection

Today considered a classic, the PROFESSIONAL series is JOKODOMUS’s longest-running product. All butcher’s blocks, cutting boards and work areas in the PROFESSIONAL series are created using hornbeam wood from trees grown responsibly in the heart of European alpine forests.

A lengthy curing process is used to increase the useful life of products in the PROFESSIONAL series, even when their use is most intense. Restaurants, butcher shops, specialty food stores, supermarkets: these are the natural home for PROFESSIONAL series products.

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Hornbeam wood butcher blocks, chopping blocks, cutting boards and workstations.
Hornbeam wood butcher blocks and cutting boards. For restaurants, butchers, specialty food shops.

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Awards and certifications

JOKODOMUS’s ongoing commitment to product quality and innovation is reflected in the prizes and certifications the company has earned over the years.

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