“I love to cook. The kitchens of JOKODOMUS embody the love for beautiful, functional things. I wanted a kitchen that wasn’t simply the best in terms of construction quality and choice of materials… I wanted a kitchen that was elegant, the most flexible to use and for a big variety of cooking methods. Easy to approach for anyone, just to embrace and to enjoy.” – Josi Kosta

A kitchen for spending time together

The Romans created the word convivium to describe the time when people gather around a table with their closest friends and family. It is a magical moment, one built of human contact, words and glances, as well as of wines and dishes that excite the senses.

While we cook meals to serve our guests, we also take part in conversation around the table, in toasts and laughter. Accompanied by a glass of pinot nero and the company of those we love dearest, we dive into the evening as cicadas sing in the background… What could be more beautiful? JOKODOMUS kitchens were created to inspire these moments, making them more special than ever before.

The choice of materials

JOKODOMUS kitchens capture the charm of an encounter between opposites. Wood and steel are the two primary materials that embody the soul of JOKODOMUS products.

Wood is the first material JOKODOMUS used to build its products. Selected every year from among alpine forests in the heart of Europe, the solid hornbeam and oak segments express a sense of warmth and welcoming. Both are raw materials employed by kitchen makers all over the world, appreciated everywhere for their natural beauty and smooth feel.

Steel, on the other hand, is often connected with coldness and inflexibility. Its clarity and brilliance transmits simplicity and elegance. Resistant and easy to clean, steel offers functional characteristics that have made it essential for anyone looking to achieve excellence in both professional and domestic cooking environments.


Why choose JOKODOMUS?

Modular design

Easy to put together: choose the functions you want and create the kitchen of your dreams.

Easy to clean

The stainless steel structures, as well as the cooking plates, can be perfectly sanitized.

Infinite possibilities

More than just Barbeque: a JOKODOMUS kitchen brings all your cooking techniques outside, celebrating every flavor.

Easy to move

Designed to be where you are, transforming the outdoors into a place to relax and enjoy life.

Satisfied clients

Awards and certifications

JOKODOMUS’s ongoing commitment to product quality and innovation is reflected in the prizes and certifications the company has earned over the years.

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