Who we are

In Salorno, a small town in the Italian Alps, a family-owned and -run company specializes in the creation of outdoor kitchens for clients all over the world.

Led by Josi Kosta, JOKODOMUS creates moveable kitchen units, all equipped with last-gen appliances, that can be custom combined and positioned according to the client’s tastes. The best part? They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Our story


The JOKODOMUS story begins in 1922, when Josef Kosta and his family moved to Salorno, where Kosta began working as an expert wagon builder. His son Oskar was interested in working with wood as well, but the more he learned about the needs of the region’s numerous butcher shops, a new career path took shape.


In 1962 Oskar founded Joko, a company that built butcher’s blocks for the professional food sector. 

The goal of the family company was to create high-quality products using the best cuts of local wood, a goal that would eventually earn Joko a reputation both in Italy and abroad.



When the family’s third generation – Josi and Franz Kosta – took over the company in 2003, they focused on renewal. They were searching for new challenges. Why not create a product for private use, for people who are really passionate about good food? 

Why not create products for people who appreciate artisanal quality and superior craftsmanship, and who love to make every meal a celebration? 

Thus JOKODOMUS was born.


Over the years, the company’s product line has been continuously enriched with new series. JOKODOMUS PROFESSIONAL was the result of decades of experience garnered in the professional food sector.


The AUXILIUM series is made up of working kitchen carts built using superior raw materials. Our idea is to evolve the support of a professional chopping block, making it more elegant and appropriate for the general consumer.


JOKODOMUS presents CUN, a new series of modular kitchens designed for outdoor use, created by designer architect Franz Kosta.


Expansion of the CUN series through collaboration with market leaders in innovative cooking techniques, including Big Green Egg, Bora and Gaggenau.

Awards and certifications

JOKODOMUS’s ongoing commitment to product quality and innovation is reflected in the prizes and certifications the company has earned over the years.

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